Reduced Crew Operations explained

18 October 2023

Reduced Crew Operations explained

Let's begin by clarifying the definitions:

RCO: Reduced Crew Operations
eMCO: Extended Minimum Crew Operations
SIPO: Single Pilot Operations

Airbus and Dassault have been advocating for one-pilot operations during long-haul flights, known as Extended Minimum Crew Operations (eMCO). The idea is that only one pilot would be required to remain at the controls of the aircraft for extended periods during the cruise phase, while the second pilot would be resting in an area outside of the flight deck.


Watch this video Reduced Crew Operations Explained

Currently, the regulatory process has reached the phase of preliminary research, and there is an ongoing research project looking into the hazards and risks of eMCO, as well as potential mitigations. The next steps are outlined by capt. Tanja Harter in the video below:

Timeline extended Minimum Crew Operations EASA, explained by Tanja Harter, ECA